On This Day 19 Years Ago...


On this day in 2005, Aaron Lincoln bought the Schooner Olad! For the last 19 years Aaron has been the steward and operator of this historic 1927 sailing yacht.

Aaron worked as a captain for the previous owners, Sue and John Nugent, for many years before buying the boat. Prior to that, the Nugents owned and operated the Olad as a daysailer in Camden through the 1980s and 90s. In the late 90s the Nugents completed an extensive rebuild of the vessel, ensuring it would continue to sail for many year to come! Aaron began working for the Nugents in 2000, and eventually purchased the vessel in 2005.

Since then Aaron has enjoyed sailing the waters of Penobscot Bay on the Schooner Olad, sharing the beauty and history of the region with visitors from all over the world!