History of the Schooner Olad

Schooner OladThe Schooner Olad was originally named the "Whistle Binkie," and was designed by Horace Manley Sr. in 1926 for Alexander Smith of New York City and Great Island, W. Yarmouth, Massachusetts. The vessel was built over the winter of 1927 and launched for the 1928 season from the Crosby Yacht Building & Storage Co. in Osterville, Massachusetts. Chester A. Crosby ran the company with his four sons, Malcolm, Carroll, Wilton B., and H. Manley, Jr.

When the boat was launched the length overall was 47'9" with a beam of 12'2". The boat originally drew 6' and displaced 15 net tons. She was originally equipped with a Kermouth Model 65 engine and her total selling price was $21,727.38.

Alexander Smith owned the boat for many years and kept it sailing the waters between New York and Massachusetts. However, due to the hardships of the Great Depression he was forced to sell the vessel.

It changed hands one other time before the Mason family bought it in the 1940's. Charles H. Mason III renamed her the Schooner Olad. His wife, Janice Jenkins Mason, an Olympic skeet shooter, found it to be a perfect platform for her sport. The whole family would traverse the ocean weeks on end while Janice practiced her shot.

After the Mason's, the Olad became a bare-bones charter boat in the Caribbean. Walter Cronkite and his family, as well as many others, would leave the hustle and bustle of city life and take a sojourn.

History of the Schooner Olad

In the 1960's, she came north once again to her native Massachusetts waters. She became part of the Province Town day sail fleet where she would remain until 1985.

John Nugent purchased the Schooner Olad and brought her to Camden, Maine in 1985. The Olad has been part of the Camden Day-Sail fleet ever since.

In the early 1990's the Olad had become a tired ship. John Nugent decided to rebuild her hull and hired The Wooden Boat Company to do the work. Olad received a new stern timber, stem, and keel and her transom was rebuilt. In addition, all of her frames and planks were replaced. Olad's hogging, from 70 years of service was also corrected. The Olad was now restored with her original sheer and beauty.

In the winter of 1999 The Wooden Boat Company went to work on her topsides. Olad was given all new decks and houses and her cockpit was rebuild as well. Tom Lokocz built Olad two new masts and gave her new rigging. Grant Gamble made her new sails.

Then in early July 2000 the Nugent family launched her. They even invited some of the Crosby family, to sail and celebrate with them.

Aaron Lincoln has been managing and sailing on the Olad since the 2000 season. On March 10, 2005 he purchased the vessel from the Nugent Family. He continues to run her out of Camden Harbor on the historic waters of Penobscot Bay.