Selecting a Maine Sailing Trip

Lighthouse  Sunset Sails  Ships in Penobscot Bay Camden, Maine

Any sail aboard the Schooner Olad or Sailing Vessel Owl will be a very enjoyable and unique experience, however, some of our sails are slightly different then others.

9:45am: Our first trip of the day is the perfect time for viewing wildlife. The wind and water are calm as the animals begin to stir. Keep an eye out for seals, porpoises, and various types of birds.  Children especially like this sail because of the wildlife and lobster boat watching.

12:00pm: The second sail is one of the best sails for wind. By noontime the wind has begun to pick up in Penobscot Bay and the wind fills the sails of our ships. Feel free to bring a picnic lunch aboard!

2:30pm: Our third sail of the day is also a good time to catch the best wind. At this time in the afternoon the wind is still strong in the bay.

5:00pm: This is a calmer sail since by this time in the day the wind is beginning to die down. Feel free to bring a picnic dinner aboard and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Penobscot Bay from the best seat in the house.

7:00pm: Our last trip of the day is the most relaxing trip of all. The wind and waters are calm as you enjoy your time out on the ocean. Not only do you get to view the beautiful scenery and wildlife in Penobscot Bay but you also see the magnificent sunset. Feel free to bring some wine and cheese & crackers to turn your trip into the perfect evening.